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Filtration and clarification

  • 22 March 2017
  • News

In one of our news we have spoken about how important is the filtration of a fluid power plant for don’t have a block machine or a block of production, click here.

We have also thought about you, wine producer, about how much important is to present on the market a quality product adequately filtered.

A product of quality, and this time we will speak in particular of wine, is reached through different phases, but usually we hear of clarification and filtration.


Through the clarification step the wine is stabilized, that means it does not undergo chemical or biological changes after bottling and there aren’t suspended substances in the wine.

A second clarification step is carried out after the wine has rested, it is called induced clarification and it serves to eliminate the infinitesimal and invisible particles to human eye.

Talking about clarification inevitably we speak about filtration. Unlike the first, which absorbs and has to precipitate unstable substances, the filtering eliminates the blurred of the product without damaging.


The phases of the filtering, as already said, are many more and the filters that are used are different:

  1. The filtration of the lees consists in the filtering of liquid rich of solid substances, for this motive the filters that are recommended are the filters to sack or vacuum from the large particle size.
  2. Even in the wine degreasing the filters are used from large particle size but we speak of filtering to kieselguhr or cartons.
  3. The already mentioned clarification, in the first phase, needs to kieselguhr filters or a cartons filters from the large particle size
  4. In brightening, further step of removal of impurities in order to prepare the wine at sales, it must use narrow particle size filters or semi sterilizing filters.
  5. The last phase is the sterile filtration, in the protection of the product to remove yeast ad bacteria. Especially using membrane filters or cartons constructed with sterilizing filtration material.

Now that we have shed light on the filtration process and part of the equipment to be used, are you sure to use the proper filters?